“One of those unique & wonderful manuscripts that come one’s way all too rarely”

7 Gifts cover
Seven Gifts were Sown on Earth

And for Aeons lay Dormant.

Then the Rains came…
Edicts of Molehole Munster
Six Edicts were Buried in Earth

And for Aeons lay Hidden.

Then the Chickens came…
“A most unusual and beautiful story that lingers in the mind long after one has read it”

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Meanwhile -- -- in the phenomenal world....
“To discover who rules over you, find who you are not allowed to criticise” — Voltaire
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~ The SOUND of SILENCE - as the Right to Speak is CRUSHED ~

Illusion of Peace -- Cynically Peddled by Islam & the EU
Freedom of Speech -- Ruthlessly Crushed by Islam & the EU
Dictatorship -- Brutally Enforced by Hitler & the EU
The Soulless Savagery of Islam
Islam & Inbreeding -- Low Intelligence & Genetic Defects
Islam & The EU -- Seek out the Truth
Islam and the EU -- Affronts to Humanity
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