Seven Gifts came to Earth

The Seven Gifts

Were Sown in Fertile Earth

And for Aeons lay Dormant.

Then the Rains came…

“A most unusual and beautiful story that lingers in the mind long after one has read it” – My London Publisher

But Some Earths Begat Stony Ground

The Seven Gifts

Fell Also on Barren Earth

And for Aeons lay Dying.

Then the Chickens came…

“A most dismal and dispiriting story that saddens the heart long after one has read it” – Me

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Varuna-ecoverThis lovely book was written by a dear friend of mine about a riveting few years she spent living on an old boat in England. Her dry, self-effacing wit permeates the book, right through to the potentially tragic disaster at the end.
cruising-frontMany years ago I was a professional yacht skipper, and wrote a number of instructional books and magazine articles in between voyages. Some of the books remain in print and you can still buy some of those that are out-of-print.
Meanwhile -- -- in the phenomenal world....
“To discover who rules over you, find who you are not allowed to criticise” — Voltaire

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