MUZE on the Mainstream Media - Biased? Censored? Surely not?

My rejected comments poorly written? Incoherent diatribes? Violent calls to riot? You decide

Seven Gifts came to the People and Six Edicts to the Chickens
Meanwhile -- -- in the phenomenal world....
“To discover who rules over you, find out who you are not allowed to criticise” — Voltaire
Criticism of the EU is banned by the EU’s Supreme Court
Criticism of Islam is banned by EU & Google & Twitter & Facebook & US & Islam

Illusion of Peace -- Cynically Peddled by Islam & the EU
Freedom of Speech -- Cynically Crushed by Islam & the EU
The EU - Spawned by the Nazis
Islam - Spawned by the Devil
Islam & The EU -- Seek the Truth
Islam and the EU -- Affronts to Humanity
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